Friday, December 12, 2008

seeking warmth

brrrrrrr! Well just like that, a cold snap is upon us here in Seattle and the temperature is slowly going down and it's going to steadily drop into the 20's by Monday or so they say....... So in celebration of my winter cold that has now turned into a dreaded cough, I"m making a hearty split pea soup that will hopefully take the chill out of the air and warm up my aching bones. And since my husband is currently working on a project requiring outside activity, I hope it will melt his day away so to speak. December has been really nice so far and it's almost exciting the thought of snow, but getting stuck in the elements is always a possibility too and that is no fun.

I will be blogging about fun crafty things again soon, I'm just hunkered down taking it easy as I just can't shake this cold. More tea please, thank you.

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