Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm also baking spiced pumpkin breads this year! They are turning out really well, even in a small small oven such as mine. I found the recipe on's website and I hope to have everything wrapped and shipped by the weekend, then I'll be done with gifts for others and I can then concentrate on my family. With tiny tots it's easy to want to do big gifts but not this year, we've been good and really scaled back. Last christmas was just too much, my little baby girl was so tired that we had to open the rest of her and our son's gifts. This year everything is going to be much simpler, all in one box kind of wrapping. It will be nice just to be together. I wish this season wasn't so stressful for our family but it is this year. I'm trying not to worry about worries and we're going to pull through just fine. Now I must go check on my oven!


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