Friday, December 12, 2008

my newest obsession

Oh just when I thought I was done for today, behold my newest obsession!!!! I found this photo of a beautifully constructed kanzashi flower on the web. They are a traditional japanese decorative beauty that after some practice is fairly easy to construct. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I've managed to make a few petals in my current state (totally sick with a big cough now, ugh).....anyhoo I'm going to have to ponder this little gem for a long while i know! Think of all the ways it could be worn!!!! Too cute and there are some amazing craftspeople out there creating amazing kanzashi's!!!

Gotta go tend to my soup and my cold, which is worsening, why am I on this computer? I don't know!


Becky said...

I saw a tutorial for this not long ago, and really want to try it! Yours turned out very cute. Hope the cold gets better soon, and enjoy the pea soup! (Yum-- one of my favorite soups!)

panhandler said...

Hey thank you Becky, I should've mentioned this was a photo I found of the said flower, not my own work as I"m too sick to create much of anything today. I'll post mine soon ~

Anonymous said...

thats really cute!