Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the Winners are.......

WOW! Thank you for the big response! Since Giveaway Day 2008 was so much fun, I decided to giveaway one of each of my punk aprons as so many people participated!!! The winners are:

Heidi wins the pink zebra punk apron! Her comment: Those aprons are fan-freaking-tastic! I would love to win!!

oona wins the blue zebra punk apron! Her comment: I would love to win the blue apron for my daughter! She is always baking something and she would rock your apron, it's just her style!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Emails have been sent to my lucky winners and will ship out shortly! Thank you all for playing and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!



Momma Val said...

Poop! How did I miss out on this one? I was lost in my laundry room re-do and Thanksgiving prep. Nice aprons! I'll have to try to hit the next one if you do it again.

DejahView said...

I'm so stoked to see you on this list, Claire! Rockin'!!! Say hey to the wee ones for us.

oona said...

Thanks so much! I am excited to surprise my daughter with your fab apron!

Becky said...

Cute aprons! And stopping by to say hello, since I'm in SCB group #3 with you. Nice to meet you!