Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I am done with most of my holiday gifts this year, I decided to make all of my gifts this year and really try to go the extra mile as sometimes busy life gets in the way of my best intentions. It's fun making gifts as I can not deal with the costs of things in the stores these days! ($100 boots for a toddler, c'mon people). Sticker shock aside, I have way too much cute fabric to not make gifts and it feels good to complete a project or ten. It shouldn't be a surprise that aprons were a favorite gift from me, but I came up with a few other things too. We may or may not get a tree this year as the destruction factor is running quite high in our house with two kids under the age of four running about. Usually I'll get bit by the Christmas bug and we'll dash out and buy one later, we'll see. And there's holiday projects galore that I want to tackle but I'm trying to prioritize by the time involved to make said project and cost too. I really want to make candy cane greeting card holders that are strung like a garland (i saw a cute one in the evil Pottery Barn Kids catalog that I know I could do better if free time allowed). Then there's the christmas tree skirt that I want to create (for an invisible tree? so do I need to buy a tree so I'll make a tree skirt, that can't make sense...) and what about stockings? We all need our own awesome mommy crafted stockings but that means I have to scout out wool felt and I'm not ready for that as I've been having custom orders at Panhandler, I'm in apron mode right now. Then there's the whole Martha Stewart Craft website that makes me want to not pay my mortgage and just go hog wild -- we need gold glittery paper stars and trees and perfectly perfect thingys.......that will inevitably get crumpled by my kids. I love the holidays, with all the resources out there one can get tapped out really fast, so here I yap about prioritizing and organzing. I've done great this year and I'm keeping those wild shopping demons at bay and I'm going to try and get a fun thing or two on clearance after the holidays roll by. Target is a wonderland of deals too! Oh the list goes on and on. I love my house, my husband and kids and feel really fortunate to have the friends I have, so that's what's going to be the best present of all this year, good times!

Oh and my pie turned out great! Now I'm getting set to bake some pumpkin bread as my mother sent me the best little countertop oven for christmas this year and I can't wait to try it out!


Becky said...

It really is easy to get carried away with projects you want to do this time of year, isn't it? I was originally going to make presents for all of my friends-- then we decided to do a gift card exchange instead. Which, in retrospect, is probably good because I haven't made any of my handmade gifts yet and I'm running out of time! But good luck finishing up.

panhandler said...

thanks! I'm almost done and luckily I'm making a few sales at my etsy shop to keep me busy through these busy days until Christmas. I love keepin busy!

Anonymous said...