Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sew much to do!

there are ten hundred ideas rolling around in my brain at all times lately and you know what ~ i love all my new little projects!!! My newest one is the snowflowers apron I just posted on etsy...check out the double pockets on that baby! I'm on a roll and i"m not stopping. Now if I can just get the gifts done in time for my nieces and friends I haven't seen in a millenium! (We're heading out on the road, 9 big days with my family in one vehicle!). We're heading home for the holidays and my kids are going to see their grandma and meet a bunch of mommy's friends (some who also have kids now and haven't seen me or my family in like ten years or more!) WHERE DOES THE TIME GO PEOPLE? Ahhhh, well it's raining but at least we're back to normal as yesterday was a holiday and nothing was open, my son is off to preschool this afternoon and I'm hoping to complete one or two more little goodies! And hey! I had my first sale in my etsy shop, yeah!!!! That rocks!



Momma Val said...

Congrats and that really cute! Have a nice holiday back home.

Momma Val said...

Hey you! Love the stuff! "Keep on stitchin' cuz I think it's bitchin'!" Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I just awarded you the "I Love Your Blog" award. Please check today's post on my blog to see how to retrieve your reward. Keep on blogging!!!

panhandler said...

Thank you for the heart! I have been sewing like crazy lately amidst all the other things we mom's do everyday. We've all got colds and it's cold out, so long warmth.....anyhoo I ran across this really cool shop on that makes cushion covers for pillows! here's the link (if that doesn't work their name is quiltification). xoxoxo ~ claire

Anonymous said...