Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crafty bird apron, I'm going to scream

detail of crafty bird apron
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Yes, it's Thanksgiving break around here and the little munchkins are getting crazy. We're in the heat of the moment so to speak as tempers flare up often, I get nothing done and messes everywhere!!!! How can one little house fall apart SO fast just because preschool is on hiatus for one week......at least daddy only works half a week and we'll all chill out together soon! Oh and this is my little crafty bird apron, I like the cut because the pockets are BIG and there's even a center seam that holds a paint brush or pencil or whatever I'm creating.....not that I have time to paint or draw anything leisurely, someday someday....

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Momma Val said...

I'll send you the link for the site that I bought the toddler tranquilizer gun on. Hear ya knockin!!! They seem to be extra mischievous and into everything when you need to get stuff done, huh?!