Monday, June 29, 2009


I took it upon myself to make my kids some supercapes this weekend! My son was swooping around the house acting like a superhero, tying bath towels around his neck and improvising as best he could so amidst the chaos that is life, I even got out to the fabric store. And here they are, my supergirl and superguy! They love them. If I had time I would make a run of these for my shop but I don't (have time that is). This mama is looking to go back to work full time and my sewing projects are on hiatus. I do need to finish both of these capes with some industrial strength velcro for the tab closure on the front. Right now they're pinned with a safety pin (they couldn't wait to try them on and fly about the backyard!) Woo hoo!



Salinda said...

Love them!!!

Brittany said...

Super capes are the best. I love the girly one.