Friday, May 15, 2009

Ironing Board Cover

I made my first attempt at an ironing board cover and it turned out ok! The cinching was rather difficult to get it snug around all sides of the ironing board, but it is way nicer than what was on there before so I am quite pleased. Also happy to be using up this gorgeous fabric that i scored out in Berkeley, CA! It's swirly and cute stuff! When I went to make this I didn't have a pattern, I just flipped my ironing board upside down and cut out the shape about 3" wider than the board itself. Then I sewed an inch seam, then sewed another seam around that about an inch and a half alongside and voila! The biggest pain was running the ribbon around (I attached a safety pin and pulled and cinched my way along until it was fed through the entire seam). Easy project, next time I'll experiment with attaching elastic. Now that I think of it, I have never sewn elastic to anything so that may be one i just save for later. XOXO


Becky said...

It looks good to me-- just like the ones you'd buy!

Dan and Karen said...

What a great idea! I need a new ironing board cover and the ones to buy are not cute! Maybe I will try this. How much material does it take?

panhandler said...

hey thanks! The cover took roughly 1.75 yards and a spool of ribbon (i like 'Spool O' Ribbon by Offray) the super skinny kind. Anyhoo I made the ironing board pad out of some old towels that I cut out around the ironing board when I went to make this. It works for me!!!