Wednesday, January 21, 2009

stretch lace???

So I'm going to one of my best friends wedding in San Francisco this spring and I am thinking about seriously making my bolero jacket to go over my dress. It's a fabulous Betsey Johnson crepe black with gorgeous pink rosettes smattered all over it, very fun and also very chilly as it is spaghetti San Francisco that's always a gamble because the weather is usually cold to be sporting around cute eveningwear.

My idea is to sew a shrug type bolero jacket out of some nice black stretch lace with ruffles of course....and I've never made any "garments" with sleeves, so I'm hesitant but inspired to try. Do you think I'll need interfacing at the seams or will my overlock stitch be enough? Please comment if you are familiar with the workings of stretch lace. I found one on ebay, down in Australia of all places that has one for $50 and lets just say at this point my budget is stretched to capacity.

This will be a fun project either way!!!

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